Our services

BrainDigital is the convergence between powerful state of the art infrastructures and innovative technologies. We are able to releases on demand disruptive immersive videos for our customers, but also to produce our own content for media companies in association with ground-breaking companies.

Poof of concept: Trains in Swiss landscapes


Whatever the size, setting or situation of your production, our specialized team offers you a 100% turnkey solution to create your 360 content. When planning the creation of a 360 video, there are many things to consider as where the video will be displayed and the final goal of the project. We go along with you on all the stages of production of 360 video: post-production consulting, tracking, filming, editing, application development and deployment. The creation of a 360 video allows an immersive experience that allows the viewer to be completely free and to look where he wants.

Poof of concept: Porsche 911 GT2 – low resolution


BrainDigital produces its own contents for broadcasters, for exemple in the immersion in motor sports, drones competitions or sailing races. Our audiovisual facilities are also available for hire if you wish to cover an evening or event. In addition to the materials, you can associate your company with our ecosystem and share our offices, workshops and datacenter for your content development. BrainDigital is open to provide its platform to content producers, technological startups and media stakeholder to revenues sharings or co-porductions.